Read first!

Braboom is a unique kind of bra

If you think wearing braboom is just like a normal bra, then think again. Dealing with two separate cups means that wearing a backless bra isn't as straight forward as a normal strappy bra. But that doesn't mean it's complicated. Like everything in life, it just takes a few practice runs to get it right! Take the time to read this guide, understand a few things about braboom and you'll be a master in no time. 

Moisture will make your braboom slip

The biggest enemy of adhesive bras, is moisture. If you're in the habit of applying creams and lotions on your body after showers, you'll need to remind yourself not to on the days you wear your braboom. Other products that will make your braboom slip are: body oils, perfumes, glitter, self tan, sunscreen and makeup. The best thing to do is to take a shower. But if you're in a rush, you can simply wet your boob, then dry with a towel, make sure that the skin is 100% dry.

How to position your braboom for lift

If you position the cups horizontally, which is what your natural instinct would tell you to do, you'd get pancake boobs. What's a pancake boob? Unsupported, un-lifted boobs is what we call pancake boobs. So fight every instinct that tells you the bra needs to go on horizontally and remember that braboom is not a normal bra and position the cups vertically. That's right, you heard me. You position the cups, one at a time with the clips pointing down to the floor.

please see below for reference:

How to position your braboom cups for a fuller look

If you want your boobs to be brought together for a fuller look, just position the stick on bra cups further away from each other. The further the clips are away from each other, the more boobalicious the result.


Common FAQs:

How many times can I wear Braboom?

We recommend using braboom for 30 time or more before changing it. Some of our buyers had it longer, but since our bras have adhesive, which is prone to dust and other particles, we recommend using the bra for 30+ times before changing it for hygienic purposes.  


Can I use the bra without straps?

yes and no.

Yes if you know that the clothing you're wearing is able to support the bra. You can wear the bra strapless if you're going to wear it under tight clothings such us, gowns, bandage dresses, crop tops and most swimsuits.

No If you know that the clothes that you will be wearing is loose. If you're planning on wearing this bra under your normal tee, we suggest using your regular bra, or wearing a regular bra over braboom.

A common misconception about this bra is that some people think that the adhesive is supposed to stick "totally" on the skin. While this works for others, it might not work on others since we have different breast shapes and sizes. The purpose of the adhesive is to keep the breasts "pushed".

Also a common mistake is people try on the bra without the straps or any clothing and they panic saying the bra falls off after a few minutes. This is normal as the bra needs support. To know if the bra is the perfect fit while trying it on, put the straps on, or put a bikini over the bra and see how the cleavage looks.


Can I use braboom for swimming?

Yes! most of our buyers use braboom for swimming.


I dont want to wash it, I'm scared it will lose it's stickiness.

Don't worry about this. Braboom needs to be washed every after use to remove the skin's residue from the adhesive.