Terms & Conditions

1.Upon checking out, your order/s is/are automatically reserved in our system. Settling of payment must be done the day after checking out. Reservation policy is 24 hours only. If you fail to settle within the given time, we have the right to release your reservation to the next customer in line.

2. No rush shipping. Pay now, ship tomorrow policy.

3. We always make sure that the items and parcels are handed to the courier safely and without damage. Couriers are a 3rd party service provider. We are not held liable to any loss or damage caused by the courier. Also, please do not blame us on delays as we do not have control with the delivery once we turn over the item to the courier. It is your responsibility to track your parcel. Our responsibility ends once the parcels are handed to the courier.

4. If the item does not fit upon arrival, we will not be held responsible for shipping returns or replacements.

5. We will not be held responsible for wrong inputs of the buyer's details (address/contact number/name). If the parcel is shipped on the wrong address, for example, we will not be responsible for the new shipping fee that will occur.

6. If we are unable to process your order due to inaccurate or incomplete payment information, we have the right to release reservation to the next customer.

7. Proof of payments must be sent to our email: payments@braboom.ph.

8. By checking out your orders you automatically agree to the terms and conditions of Braboomofficial.